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Graceful Bamboo Screen

1. Non-Invasive vs. Invasive Bamboo

Bamboo can be classified in two groups, running (invasive) and clumping (non-invasive). We exclusively sell non-invasive clumping bamboo tested for the North Florida climate.

​2. The Right Bamboo

Depending on factors like space, sun & wind exposure, we provide the right bamboo for your needs (privacy/ornamental). In smaller residential settings, Graceful Bamboo is most popular with our customers.

3. Bamboo Maintenance 

Bamboo requires regular maintenance services 1-4x per year depending on the application (hedge/screen) and desired aesthetic (natural/manicured).

Graceful Bamboo (Bambusa Textilis Gracilis) Privacy Screen

Bamboo Screen

​4. Privacy

Do you like people looking into your house?

Bamboo planted every 3-8ft will produce a tremendous privacy screen.

5. Local Ordinances

When it comes to building privacy fences there is generally restrictions (height) along with permitting and fees. A bamboo privacy screen has none of these regulations and can be trimmed at your desired height. Bamboo privacy screens are visually stunning and don’t have repair costs like a traditional privacy fence.

Screen Trimmed to Display Lower Canes

6. Fast Growth

Bamboo is considered a grass and is one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Making it a perfect choice for privacy screens. Our 15g size is popular among customers looking for immediate privacy. These typically start 15ft tall and near full mature size after the first summer.

7. Added Environmental Benefits

Bamboo filters our air and produces 2x the oxygen of other trees it’s size. It is also known for defending against soil erosion. Bamboo is a very hardy plant and can be grown without pesticides or other chemicals.

Tropical Blue Bamboo

Tropical Blue New Growth

8. Focal Points

Bamboo is also a great focal point, college campuses like UNF have it in their garden for the relaxation it provides students. A bamboo focal point in place of palm trees looks incredible and will set your home/business apart.

We specialize in focal point installations, when necessary, using HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) root barrier to create and maintain a desired clump formation and prevent against the bamboo spreading outside the desired area. 

Tropical Blue Bamboo
Dwarf Buddha Belly 15g

Mature Clump of Tropical Blue Bamboo (Bambusa Chungii)

Tropical Blue and Timor Black Bamboo

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