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Let us handle every aspect of the project with professional installation + maintenance. Give us your vision and we will bring it to life.

To quickly get the ball rolling, please email or text pictures of the desired area for bamboo installation.

Installation includes: 

- Soil amendment

- Fertilization

- 30 day warranty


Typical maintenance visits include:

- Hedge Trimming (top & sides of the bamboo)

- Cleaning the bottom 2-4ft to reveal canes

- Removing any old growth & drooping canes to make room for new growth

- Maintaining desired clump shape & size 

- Fertilization

- Adjusting irrigation according to seasonal needs




Maintenance of the bamboo is often neglected but is a crucial activity to keep bamboo healthy, lush, and well behaved. 

We offer maintenance services on a recurring basis and recommend 1-4 trims per year depending on the application. 

This is one of our favorite aspects of our job as we get to monitor the progress of the bamboo and make sure it looks the very best possible.

For the Home Depot regulars, we can set you up to DIY, delivering bamboo and other materials to utilize yourself!


Bamboo is hand selected from our available inventory and transported with care. Our process eliminates stress to the bamboo and ensures a healthy product.

We also offer Battery Timer Drip Irrigation Systems and Landscape Lighting

Hedge Trimming Ladder
Bamboo Hedge 16ft
Graceful Bamboo Screen

Graceful Natural Hedge

Graceful Bamboo Hedge

Graceful Hedge Trim

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